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Delivering innovative clean energy solutions that empower businesses and communities

Our renewable energy solutions

Bright Energy is at the forefront of innovation, constantly developing cutting-edge technologies to harness the power of Africa’s abundant clean energy sources – solar, wind, and geothermal. Our comprehensive suite of products and services caters to diverse needs, empowering individuals, communities, and businesses to embrace clean energy, from residential and commercial solar installations to large-scale renewable energy projects tailored to the specific needs of the African continent.

Grid-Tied Solar PV Systems

Bright Energy provides renewable energy solutions catering to residential and commercial properties tied to the grid.

Off-Grid Solar PV Systems

Bright Energy Africa offers customised off-grid solar PV systems to deliver complete energy independence, particularly for remote locations or areas with unreliable grid access.

Solar Battery Storage

Bright Energy Africa recognises the importance of energy storage. Our scalable battery storage solutions can be tailored to your specific energy requirements, maximising the benefits of your solar PV system.

Discover Our Impressive Stats

At Bright Energy Africa, we’re passionate about making a measurable impact. We translate that passion into innovative clean energy solutions that empower individuals, communities, and businesses across Africa.


Years of Experience

Our Team has 30+ years in the renewable energy and electrical engineering industry. This depth of knowledge ensures we deliver exceptional service, from initial project evaluation and design to installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance.


CO2 Emissions Offset

In our current project, which has an installed 1.146 MW solar PV system, we estimate the potential to offset between 494 and 591 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over the project’s lifetime.


Mini-Grid Connections

Over 5000 customers can be serviced from each of our modular mini-grid solutions that can either be hybrid or off-grid.


Energy Savings

Commercial installations can expect to save approximately $ 1 million over the lifespan of their projects.*

Please feel free to contact Bright Energy today for a free consultation. Our team will work closely with you to understand your unique energy needs and develop a custom solar solution that delivers environmental and financial benefits.

Expert Solar Installation Services in AFRICA

Start saving money and reducing your carbon footprint today with solar installation from Bright Energy Africa. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, making it easy to transition to clean, renewable energy.